Your Comprehensive Guide to Transforming Security with Desktop Virtualization

Your Comprehensive Guide to Transforming Security with Desktop Virtualization

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Not a day goes by without a data breach or a cyber-attack. No one seems to be immune, from government agencies to retailers, Big Four accounting firms, fast food chains and now credit reporting agencies. Whether the breach is due to lax security on the part of the organization, insiders going rogue or brute force by cyberterrorists, we all pay the price when data is compromised.

While it may be tempting to say that “nothing is truly secure anymore”—and this has been said by quite a few folks lately—your organization can take steps to mitigate the loss of data. Many savvy organizations already utilize VMware desktop and app virtualization solutions, such as VMware Horizon, VMware Horizon Cloud, VMware Workstation and VMware Fusion, to ensure data security.


To help you better understand how VMware desktop and app virtualization solutions can support your organization’s data security efforts, we are kicking off our security blog series. Over the next few months, our product experts will share data security best practices and outline specific product features and capabilities that can support security initiatives across your enterprise today.

In the span of over 10 blogs, you will get a chance to learn:

  1. How virtual desktops can help drive business continuity (i.e. disaster recovery and high availability)
  2. How to mitigate the risk of data breaches and cyber-attacks with desktop and app virtualization
  3. How desktop and app virtualization help secure your enterprise through the use of trusted images, policy and access control, secure endpoints and network security
  4. How VMware can help you support your organization’s bring-your-own (BYO) policy, while ensuring data security
  5. How you can support your digital workforce without worrying about data leaving your organization

You will walk away with the tools needed to help your organization better protect itself against insider threats, cyber-attacks and data breaches. This is a must-read blog series for anyone interested in learning how to protect corporate data.

Stay tuned for our next blog. We are diving straight into how virtual desktops can help your organization ensure business continuity.


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