Workspace ONE Intelligence Series: November 2018 Releases

Workspace ONE Intelligence Series: November 2018 Releases

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Workspace ONE Intelligence Series: November 2018 Releases

As we moved into the start of the holiday season a couple months ago, we didn’t let our foot off the gas pedal when it came to updates to Workspace ONE Intelligence. The November 2018 release updates to the Workspace ONE Intelligence service brought several enhancements that continue to help our customers increase security, optimize resources and improve user experience across their digital workspace. We covered some of the major updates in the third episode of our Workspace ONE Intelligence Series, including:

  • Application triggers for automation – IT can now set up actions that are automatically triggered based on behavior of apps.
  • New status page – This webpage shows real-time updates on the Intelligence service, such as operational status on uptime and health of the service.
  • Hands-on labs – We highlight this great resource available for anyone to take Workspace ONE Intelligence for a test drive. Explore the great features available in a sandboxed environment, for free!
  • Cloud Security Alliance Questionnaire – This is another great resource that helps answer specific security questions around the Workspace ONE Intelligence service.

I encourage you to watch the third episode as we show demos of the updates mentioned above. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the first two episodes of the Workspace ONE Intelligence Series, you can view them here. In the first episode, we provide an overview of Workspace ONE Intelligence and in the second episode, we focus on release updates from our October 2018 releases.

Stay tuned for our next video on December 2018 release updates, which will wrap up the tremendous year we’ve had launching Workspace ONE Intelligence!

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