VMware Security Response Center @ VMworld 2017

VMware Security Response Center @ VMworld 2017

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--- This is a critical security advisory from VMware (VMSA) ---

For  those visiting VMworld, come and meet VMware Trust and Assurance (which includes VMware Security Response Center) in Las Vegas next week or in Barcelona in three weeks from now. Bring your questions and concerns on security issues in our products and services, and how we address these. We would also like to have feedback on the VMware Security Advisories  and our patch policies.

How to find us? We  are accepting 1:1 meetings at VMworld. If  you would like to schedule a meeting please contact your Technical Account Manager with a general idea of what you would like to speak with us about and we will  schedule time with you. Alternatively just come and meet us; we are stationed in the Listening Post located in the VM Village. This is the lounge area with seats and games on the top floor.

We share the Listening Post with other teams and they would be delighted with your visit as well! They are Support, Customer advocacy, and the Information Experience, Quality Assurance, and Product Globalization teams of the VMware R&D Central Organization.

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