VMware on VMware: vRealize Network Insight

VMware on VMware: vRealize Network Insight

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vRealize Network InsightHow VMware IT Leverages vRealize Network Insight


VMware IT uses many VMware tools in their IT organization to manage their private cloud. One of these useful tools is vRealize Network Insight.

What is vRealize Network Insight?

VMware vRealize® Network Insight™ delivers intelligent operations for software-defined networking and security. It helps optimize network performance and availability with converged visibility across virtual and physical networks, provides planning and recommendations for implementing micro-segmentation based security, and provides operational views to quickly and confidently manage and scale VMware NSX® deployment.

There are 2 use cases of VRealize Network Insight deployment in VMware IT featured in the video below.

Watch the vRealize Network Insight dogfooding video here:

The vRealize Network Insight video featured below has Swapnil S. Hendre talking about how we are using vRealize Network Insight for Micro-Segmentation in VMware’s production infrastructure and John Tompkins who talks about how we are using vRNI to manage one of the largest VMware clouds of its kind, stretching across 6 data centers with more than 200,000 VMs on more than 2,000 hosts.

It’s all about getting the full potential from NSX and micro-segmentation. To get the most out of NSX, we knew we needed to improve our process to identify unique traffic flows, or what you might call the micro-segmentation planning process. At VMware, that’s part of what we call the application discovery process. It was a manual process and very time consuming, so it was delaying our micro-segmentation deployment.”

Speeding up their NSX deployment time was a big goal.

Adds Hendre “Network Insight provides East-West traffic analytics support right out of the box, so it made our planning process very efficient. we now have better control and tracking of our virtual distributed firewalls. That’s a huge help when it comes to meeting audit and compliance requirements.

We also have faster, intuitive insight into problems that our general support staff can understand, so we don’t have to run-up all issues to our networking experts. We can also create point-in-time dashboards and share them among teams in alert notifications, so everyone gets a good snapshot of the issue.”

John Tompkins adds “Network Insight, like the name suggests, really opens your eyes. Now we can identify issues with our NSX deployments that we hadn’t been aware of. We have visibility into things that what would have been black holes in the past. That lets us move forward with confidence.

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