VMware Horizon Cloud Hands-on Lab Coming Soon!

VMware Horizon Cloud Hands-on Lab Coming Soon!

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We announced the release of the VMware Horizon Cloud Hands-on Lab at VMworld Las Vegas last week! This lab is a guided tour of Horizon Cloud, and is designed to introduce you to the Horizon Cloud Service. We designed and built this fully functional, self-contained lab within our VMware Hands-on Labs environment, where labs are accessible from around the world.

The Horizon Cloud Hands-on Lab consists of eight modules that guide users through the following activities:

  • Module 1, Horizon Cloud Hosted Infrastructure Overview: Overview of the Horizon Cloud hosted solution
  • Module 2, Initial Tenant Setup: Interactive simulation of the initial setup of a Horizon Cloud tenant
  • Module 3, Administration Console Overview: Tour of the Horizon administration console
  • Module 4, Create an Image: Interactive simulation of creating a desktop image
  • Module 5, Desktop Management: Walk through the assignment process and subsequent access of the desktop
  • Module 6, Management of an Application: Assigning and accessing remote and native applications within Horizon Cloud
  • Module 7, Management of User Environment Settings: Using VMware User Environment Manager with Horizon Cloud
  • Module 8, Integration of Workspace One with Horizon Cloud: Integrating and accessing applications with VMware Workspace One and Horizon Cloud

How to Access This Lab

This lab will be publicly available after VMworld Europe, in Barcelona, in mid-September. For more information on VMware Hands-on Labs, visit labs.hol.vmware.com and sign up!



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