Upgrade to Self-Driving Operations at up to 65% off!

Upgrade to Self-Driving Operations at up to 65% off!

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For current users of vSphere with Operations Management (vSOM) or vRealize Operations Standard, there has never been a better time to upgrade to the self-driving operations features of vRealize Operations Advanced or vRealize Suite Standard. For a limited time we’re offering this upgrade at half off, or 65% off when you combine it with an upgrade to vSphere Platinum (also half off!)


You use vRealize to manage vSphere performance and capacity today, but where is your IT infrastructure heading in the future? Let’s think about some common questions you might be considering:

  • Are you planning data center modernization, consolidation, or build out?
  • Do you need to be able to better forecast and model capacity needs and plan procurement?
  • Do you need a single tool to manage vSphere AND other data center components (including vSAN storage, VMware Cloud on AWS, and VMware Cloud Foundation) in a unified console?
  • Are you planning a cloud migration strategy? Do you need to know the cost of running workloads in private vs multiple public clouds?

If your answer is “yes!” to any of the above, then you might strongly consider upgrading to the Advanced edition of vRealize Operations, or stepping up to the Standard edition of vRealize Suite (which bundles vRealize Operations Advanced with vRealize Log Insight and vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager).


There are three reasons why now is the perfect time to upgrade:


1. vRealize Operations 7.0 is the best vRealize Operations yet – by far


The vision of Self-Driving Operations is to automate and simplify operations management by delivering per the “Three Tenets” of Self-Driving Operations:

  1. Intent-Driven Continuous Performance Optimization
  2. Efficient Capacity Management
  3. Intelligent Remediation

“Self-driving” summarizes the strategy and vision of providing continuous and automated closed-loop performance and capacity optimization at minimal cost, based on business and operational intent. In other words – as a customer, all you need to do is define your business or operational goals and let the platform take care of the rest to assure performance, densify clusters or enforce software license separation.


vRealize Operations 7.0 augments the capabilities introduced in the last release, particularly focusing on:

  • Business intent-driven continuous performance optimization with new automated workload balancing capabilities, enhanced integration with vRealize Automation for both initial placement and ongoing workload balancing, and host-based workload placement
  • Efficient capacity management by enhancing the real-time, predictive capacity & cost analytics engine and adding multiple what-if planning scenarios​
  • Multi-cloud support with migration planning across VMware Cloud on AWS and native AWS, as well as updated management packs for AWS and Kubernetes
  • Quick time to value with updates to the UI, simplified custom dashboard creation and sharing, enhanced SDDC integrations and built-in vSphere config & compliance

For more details, be sure to check out John Dias’ technical overview of what’s new in 7.0.


Get the full self-driving capabilities of 7.0 by upgrading to vRealize Operations Advanced or vRealize Suite Standard – obtain visibility and management beyond just vSphere into the entire software-defined data center; gain access to customizable dashboards, capacity and cost optimization, cloud planning, and many of the built in automation features discussed above. Compare vRealize Operations versions here to see what all comes with an upgrade to the Advanced edition.


With vRealize Suite Standard, gain all the capabilities of vRealize Operations Advanced, in addition to vRealize Log Insight. Log Insight’s intelligent log management and analytics allows for speedy troubleshooting across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. See what vRealize Suite can do for you here.



2. All your favorite VMware products are “better together” with self-driving operations


Not only is vRealize Operations better than ever, but it now integrates better than ever with the rest of the VMware ecosystem. Notably, it is tightly integrated with vSAN – you can now manage and troubleshoot both compute and storage operations in the same management console.


vRealize is also fully integrated with Dell EMC VxRail, the standard in hyper-converged infrastructure. Additionally, for telco service providers, vRealize is the best management tool for vCloud NFV. Look for more convergence and integration with the rest of the VMware family moving forward!


3. Promotions!


And finally, for a limited time, get up to 65% off when you upgrade from vRealize Operations Standard to vRealize Operations Advanced or vRealize Suite Standard. We are running this promotion in tandem with the vSphere team as follows:

  • 50% off upgrades from vSphere ENT or ENT+ to vSphere Platinum
  • 50% off upgrades from vRealize Operations Standard to EITHER vRealize Operations Advanced OR vRealize Suite Standard
    • 65% off this upgrade when done together with the vSphere upgrade promotion above


Not only can existing vRealize Operations Standard customers take advantage of this promotion, but vSOM customers looking to upgrade their management can do so as well!


If you’ve been considering upgrading your cloud management tool, now is the best time to make it happen. Check out more information on the upgrade promo page, including promotion terms & conditions and FAQs, and be sure to contact your sales rep or channel partner to get started!



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