SPBM Performance Whitepaper

SPBM Performance Whitepaper

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VMware Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM) is a storage policy framework that helps administrators match VM workload requirements against storage capabilities. SPBM runs as an independent service in the vCenter Server. We recently released a white paper [click here to download] that covers SPBM performance in two sections.

  1. Performance comparison of vCenter 6.5 v/s vCenter 6.0U3

    In the first section, we have covered performance improvements of SPBM in vCenter 6.5 over vCenter 6.0 U3. Here is a chart from the whitepaper showing improvement in one of the SPBM workflows.

  2. Scaling API Latency for vCenter 6.5

    In the next section, we have covered scaling trends of SPBM APIs in vCenter 6.5. To determine scaling patterns we passed increasing number of entities to these APIs as input . The charts are plotted for number of entities against the time it took to complete the task. Below is one such chart from the whitepaper.


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