Service Broker Policy Criteria

Service Broker Policy Criteria

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With the latest release of features for vRealize Automation Cloud for September 2019 there is a new capability in VMware Service Broker which allows you to set criteria on how policies run when a consumer requests a catalog item. We call this the Service Broker Policy Criteria (I know catchy name)! In this blog I will cover what policies currently exist in Service Broker and how the policy criteria feature can help pinpoint when the policies should be applied. Let’s get started!!


What are Service Broker Policies:

Service Broker policies are rules that you can set on a catalog item to control certain governance aspects of a request. Currently in vRealize Automation Cloud there are two policies available: Lease Policy and Day 2 Actions Policy.

  • Lease Policy – This is pretty self explanatory. How long do you want the requestor to be able to have the resources?
  • Day 2 Actions Policy – This policy controls what actions a requestor can perform on a resource post the deployment. Details on this feature can be found here.

There are several more policies that will be introduce in the coming months, so stay tuned!


What are Policy Criteria and How do they work:

As you can see from the above description, Policy Criteria can help you refine, or pinpoint, when you want the policy to apply. Detailed documentation on Policy Criteria can be found here.

In the above example policy configuration I created a policy that will only allow for the requestor to only delete the resource once it has been deployed. No other actions are allowed. In this scenario though, I don’t want it to run on every catalog item that is requested by uses of the organization. This is where the policy criteria comes into play.

The above criteria is a simple expression that tells this policy to only apply to deployments that use the blueprint in Cloud Assembly named “AD-TEST”. So Blueprint is equal (eq) to AD-TEST! It’;s that simple. Now when someone request a catalog that deploys the AD-TEST blueprint the only action that will be available is the ability to delete the deployment.

No Policy Applied

No Policy Applied


With Policy

With Policy




As you can see with policy criteria you can really pinpoint where you want policies, such as leas and day 2 action policies, to run when users request resources through the Service Broker catalog.



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