SAP HANA: 3 Ways to Improve Monitoring and Optimize Performance

SAP HANA: 3 Ways to Improve Monitoring and Optimize Performance

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By: Lora Johnson


Knowing how your SAP HANA environment and underlying infrastructure are being used — as well as insight into potential issues that may be lurking — can help you better extend functionality to optimize performance across your IT stack. With the newly updated SAP HANA Management Pack for vRealize Operations from Blue Medora, gain end-to-end visibility into your SAP HANA environment to see key metrics related to health, performance and availability.

The SAP Management Pack offers new functionality to make it easier than ever to monitor your SAP HANA workloads and resources. In this blog post, we’ll highlight the three components that help you improve monitoring and optimize performance.


Reporting and dashboards

In this version of the SAP HANA Management Pack, two new reports make it easier than ever to view key performance metrics for your SAP HANA resources and workloads. This management pack offers more than 250 metrics — including average core utilization, CPU utilization, jobs processed and read/write size — to help you understand how much workload is being placed on the SAP HANA environment.

SAP HANA Environment Dashboard from SAP HANA Management Pack from Blue Medora

Figure 1: SAP HANA Environment Dashboard


With access to new reports, as well as newly configured dashboards, you can dive deeper into your workload metrics to understand when abnormal use or peak use times occur. The management pack includes three comprehensive dashboards — SAP HANA Environment, SAP HANA Host Details and SAP HANA Overview — and two additional out-of-the-box reports.


Intelligent alerts and notifications

The SAP HANA Management Pack now includes detailed alerts and notifications to make it easier to pinpoint issues when they arise and troubleshoot before it spreads to other layers in your IT stack. The alerts are designed to give you insight into performance of the underlying SAP HANA infrastructure so that you can minimize risk of service disruptions.


Analysis badge from the SAP HANA Management Pack from Blue Medora

Figure 2: Example of an analysis badge available in the SAP HANA Management Pack


The alerts and notifications are augmented by capacity definitions for key vRealize calculated metrics, like CPU, data space, physical memory and virtual memory. Gain access to analysis badges, which highlight key metrics and enable you to drill down to root-cause issues.


Relationship mapping

The new version of Blue Medora’s SAP HANA management pack makes it easy for you to navigate your environment while leveraging the inventory tree, or traversal spec, feature within your vROps environment. Using a hierarchical structure, you can see key relationships among resource kinds so that you can reduce your time spent troubleshooting and eliminate mean-time-to-innocence hunts.

In addition, leverage external relationships, like vSphere World to SAP HANA host, to extend monitoring beyond SAP HANA resources and understand how other components are influencing your resources and their use.


How to Get the SAP HANA Management Pack

To learn more about the Management Pack for SAP HANA or to download a free trial, please visit the True Visibility Suite for VMware vRealize Operations page on Blue Medora’s website.


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