Release: VMware vCenter Log Insight 2.0-beta

Release: VMware vCenter Log Insight 2.0-beta

Log Insight is VMware’s product for log aggregation, management and analysis. Log Insight is kept updated with a fast pace in order to be competitive on this market where  Splunkwhich provides similar functionalitiesis still considered the leader.

The new features introduced with version 2.0-bet can be resumed as follows:

  • Scale-Out with High Availability
    • 5x-10x throughput improvement in Cluster mode
    • Single UI to query all the data
  • Proactive Analytics
    • Machine learning enabled summarization of event types & schema recognition
    • Smart fields to aid in extraction
  • Super-Powered Dashboards
    • Easily add new data filters on the fly
    • Interact between dashboard widgets
  • RESTful API for log ingestion
  • Improved self-monitoring tools
  • Windows collection agent
    • Forwards Windows event logs
    • Monitors & forwards flat log files
    • Centralized reporting & management

You can download this new version here and use it with your existing license or try it with an evaluation license listed within the official release notes.

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