Quick guide to My VMware downloads – vRSLCM

Quick guide to My VMware downloads – vRSLCM

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Mike: Hi John, what’s up. You are a busy cloud admin!

John: Hi Mike, I am just downloading product binaries to install/upgrade our VMware cloud

   management products.

Mike: OK. Are you using vRSLCM to install/upgrade those products?

John: Yes.

Mike: Then you could just register your My VMware account with vRSLCM. So that you can

  • Download the below mentioned products install/upgrade binaries and do sourcemapping automatically.

vRealize Suite Products

vRealize Network Insight

VMware Identity Manager

  • Dynamically fetch the product licenses from My VMware portal during the products deployment through vRSLCM.
  • Download Marketplace content.

John: That’s great, will start exploring those features. What are entitlements that the registered

   My VMware account should have?

Mike: The registered My VMware user should have the following entitlements and permissions

   to download install/upgrade product binaries.



John: So, just to download also we would need both download and view license permissions?

Mike: Yes, John. It was designed that way in vRSLCM, so that we can use same My VMware

   account for downloads as well as license fetching during environment creation.

John: What are the sites that we need to whitelist to use My VMware downloads from vRSLCM.

Mike: For My VMware downloads, the minimum set of sites that need to be whitelisted are





There are other sites that need to be whitelisted for other functionalities, we can check vRSLCM install guide to know more about them.

John: Do you know of any trouble shooting tips for My VMware downloads from vRSLCM?

Mike: Just in case if you think you have configured everything correctly but still the My VMware

   downloads are not working, please check if you are able to ping ‘apigw.vmware.com’ from

   vRSLCM VA  shell.

John: Any best practices to follow to use My VMware downloads from vRSLCM?


  • To download the latest versions of products using vRSLCM, install/upgrade to the latest version of vRSLCM. Also, we need to make sure that we have installed the latest version of product support pack(.pspak) available for the version of vRSLCM that we have.


  • Save proxy details first and then register the My VMware username and password details. If we have already registered My VMware account, then re save them after saving proxy details to make sure that we are able to connect to My VMware through proxy.


  • Do not use the “Download All Products” option unless you really want to download most of the available product versions. They occupy storage space on vRSLCM.


Proxy server configuration in My VMware settings tab.

My VMware account registration.

Download All screen displayed after completing My VMware credentials registration.

Download All Products option available in My VMware settings tab.

John: Thank you so much Mike. Especially I am happy to know that vRSLCM has automated

   the monotonous work of downloading the humongous product binaries.

Mike: You are welcome John.

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