Postcard From San Francisco (RSAC2020)

Postcard From San Francisco (RSAC2020)

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This year’s RSA was held in the shadow of the Coronavirus and unfortunately may well be the last live event for a little while (hopefully a couple of months only). There were big crowds there, but I think (unverified) the numbers were a little lower than previous years. Certainly some gaps on the exhibition floor, including IBM and ATT.

Nevertheless, I can report there was brisk business at the VMware booth. Booth duty is not everyone’s favorite but I always look forward to the opportunity to hear directly from customers. There are always questions we don’t have the answers to, but it helps us keep our focus in the areas that matter the most.

My colleague Vivek Bhandari has already done a great job blogging on our intrinsic security story and our announcements at this year’s event. I wanted to share some great videos from the event.

Unshackle Legacy Security Restrictions for 2020 and Beyond

This 20 minute video, Part#1, covers how new data center and branch security approaches can prevent attacks in the enterprise.


Part#2 is a live demonstration of how to protect lateral traffic in the DC


Rethink the Way You Secure Your Organization with Intrinsic Security

This is Sanjay Poonen’s keynote where he is joined on stage by Carrie Mills, Senior Manager, Cybersecurity, Southwest Airlines and Patrick Morley, SVP/GM, Security Business Unit, VMware. Great insights all the way round.


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