NEW! User Experience Series: Your Guide to Delighting End Users

NEW! User Experience Series: Your Guide to Delighting End Users

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The VMware UX blog series is a new resource that explores the continually evolving discipline of user experience (UX) across a myriad of topics, from design and methodology to user research and new trends.

As our field continues to grow in size and scope, we aim to publish a steady stream of engaging, high-quality content that helps explain how UX complements a wide range of corporate initiatives.

From our team of UX professionals with a diverse range of backgrounds and experience levels, our hope is to share with you our collective successes, challenges and perspectives as we work together to successfully implement an effective UX strategy across a large organization.

Our goal is to connect IT administrators and others who share our passion for user-centric research and design with unique perspectives that go beyond academia and delve more deeply into the critical role user experience plays in project planning, development, customer experience and go-to-market strategies across organizations of every type. We hope you walk away with unique and actionable insights every time you visit.

UX Insights

From UX philosophy, design, customer spotlights and more, you can expect to find a wealth of insight on a variety of topics and trends, including:

  • Research methodology
  • Visual design
  • Interaction design
  • Content strategy
  • Analytics
  • UX breakthroughs
  • Product updates
  • And more!

Have a topic or issue you want to know more about? We want to know! Please contact us with content ideas and/or feedback in the comments below. We hope you find it as useful as we have enjoyed making this resource available to you.

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