Mobile First Digital Transformation is All About the Apps and Experience You Deliver

Mobile First Digital Transformation is All About the Apps and Experience You Deliver

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Mobility is all about the apps. In 2017, consumers downloaded 178.1 billion mobile apps worldwide. That number is huge, but how many of those apps are users actually using? An article by TechCrunch states users launch an average of only 9 apps a day, 30 apps a month.

In order to have a successful mobile strategy, you must provide a compelling user experience. Users want the same great experience they expect when using their mobile device for personal for work as well or they simply won’t adopt the solutions you’re investing heavily in. Gone are the days of locking down an employee device and focusing only on security and management–you now have to find the perfect blend of security, management and user experience at a bare minimum.

Mobile First

The proliferation of mobile devices in our lives gives us unlimited technology access anywhere and everywhere. We are in the era of mobility, but what began as simply giving access to enterprise email, calendar, and contacts on users’ mobile devices has become so much more.

Employee experience and delivering the right tools is critical to not only retaining top talent but empowering employees to be productive in their roles. And this isn’t only critical during onboarding. The first 30 days are just the beginning. How can you ensure the experience you provide for the lifetime of your employees is consistently excellent regardless of whether they’re contractors, part-time, back-office operations or even C- Level?

Mobile First Digital Transformation and Workspace ONE

This is where the Workspace ONE platform can help stitch these traditional silos across security, access, and services and deliver a consistent experience for employees regardless of application, device, deployment model. We have built this platform to make things that used to be difficult for IT admins before, like management, provisioning, security, and through modern management and made them easy to manage. This gives IT more time to focus on designing a better and more personalized technology experience.

Research shows the key to a successful mobile strategy now relies on delivering contextualized, hyper-personal experiences. and enabling persona-driven line-of-business solutions on both corporate and personal devices.

In our breakout session at VMworld, we show how we are taking on mobile. Watch how custom experiences on mobile are driving innovation in the VMworld On-Demand Video, Mobile-First Digital Transformation is All About the Apps (ACC2945BU).



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