May 17th Webinar: Use the REST API and Webhook Shims to Get More out of vRealize Operations

May 17th Webinar: Use the REST API and Webhook Shims to Get More out of vRealize Operations

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On May 17th, we will be hosting another “Getting More out of VMware” webinar.  The session builds on our previous sessions around intelligent operations.  Come learn how to extend vRealize Operations with the REST API and Webhook Shims for powerful integrations with other IT tools.

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Your presenter will be John Dias,
Senior Technical Marketing Architect
with the VMware Cloud Management Business Unit.






Integration with vRealize Operations

This webinar is for IT administrators and DevOps teams who manage and use virtual infrastructure and need to interact with operational tools programmatically and automatically.  We will focus on both north and south-bound integrations with vRealize Operations using the REST Notification Plugin for southbound extensibility and the REST API for northbound integrations.

For example, we will demonstrate how to enable alert notifications to ticketing, paging, chatOps, orchestration and issue tracking systems. Really, any IT or development system with a REST API can be leveraged with Webhook Shims.

rest api and webhook shims

Programmatically Connect to vRealize Automation

Some customers want to interact programmatically with vRealize Operations to perform tasks such as metric data extraction, alert management, feeding additional metrics into vRealize Operations or simply system management tasks such as adding newly-deployed vRealize Automation VMs to vRealize Operations custom groups.  We will explore how these tasks, and more, are available via the vRealize Operations REST API.  Northbound integrations can also be performed with PowerCLI, and we will cover some examples for this as well.



Explore vRealize Automation APIs

Do you want to take vRealize Operations to the next level by integrating with ServiceNow, PagerDuty, Slack and more?  You can do that!  And you will see how easy (and fun!) it can be to explore using vRealize Operations APIs.  And, you will also get some helpful starter content for PowerCLI and Postman REST client so you can continue to learn on your own after the session.  If you want to know how vRealize Operations can feed and interact with other IT tools in your environment, this session is for you!


Live Q&A in the End: Bring your Questions!

The webinar will conclude with an open live Q&A with our specialists who will be on hand to answer your questions through chat.


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