March 15th: Getting Started with IT Automation and Self Service Provisioning

March 15th: Getting Started with IT Automation and Self Service Provisioning

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On Wednesday March 15th, we will be hosting another “Getting More out of VMware” webinar. Continuing on our theme of automating the SDDC, we will show you how to get started with with IT automation and self service provisioning using vRealize Automation 7.2.
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IT Automation provisioning


This webinar is for the practitioners involved in managing IT infrastructure and virtual environments who need to be able to understand how to automate IT service provisioning requests, or provide an Automated Self Service Catalog to their end users.

Ryan Kelly, Staff Systems Engineer, VMware

During this session we will show you how to get vRealize Automation installed, configured and up and running so you can begin to publish and provision blueprints.

vRealize Automation Overview and Installation

We will star by providing a brief overview of the product, and the architectures. We will also show an overview of the Wizard based installer, and will go over a number of environmental settings and best practices for specific use cases.



Demonstration of vRealize Automation base setup

We will demonstrate the steps required to configure vRealize Automation after the wizard based installer finishes so you can begin to build reservations and blueprints.




We will also spend some time demonstrating how to create, publish, entitle and provision your first blueprint. There will be helpful tips along the way for troubleshooting as well as some helpful links to brand and personalize your service catalog.

At the end of the session, my colleagues and I will run a special Q&A session, so come prepared with your questions! Looking forward to see you at the webinar.




Live Q&A in the End: Bring your Questions!

The webinar will conclude with an open live Q&A with our specialists who will be on hand to answer your questions through chat.

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