How to Drive Better NetApp Performance with FlexPod

How to Drive Better NetApp Performance with FlexPod

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By: Brian Williams


In the second part of our three-post series about Blue Medora’s FlexPod Bundle, I’ll be providing insight into how you can drive better performance across your NetApp Storage workloads. In case you missed it, check out our first blog post in this series which highlights Cisco UCS, “Using FlexPod? How to Drive Better Cisco UCS Performance.”


What is FlexPod?

FlexPod, which was developed by Cisco and NetApp, provides an integrated solution that meets the needs of your IT infrastructure. The FlexPod bundle includes Cisco UCS, Cisco Networking and NetApp Storage. As a result, you can improve the performance of your infrastructure.

To learn more, check out our second video in the series below to learn how you can drive better NetApp Storage performance within your FlexPod bundle:



The Blue Medora FlexPod Bundle for vRealize Operations offers insight into your FlexPod infrastructure and resources with out-of-the-box dashboards and reports. In addition to product-specific dashboards as shown in the video above, the FlexPod Bundle offers dashboards and metrics to monitor FlexPod’s comprehensive infrastructure.

Within the FlexPod Bundle, you can leverage the overview dashboard, for instance, for a comprehensive view of all components, including Cisco UCS, Cisco Networking and NetApp Storage. In addition, you can extend visibility to other layers of the IT stack with management packs from Blue Medora, such as Oracle Database.

In addition to extended visibility, leverage relationship mapping, capacity definitions, and alerts and recommendations to pinpoint problems and dig into root-cause issues across the IT stack. As a result, you can drive better performance, simplify troubleshooting and eliminate alert storms across all components of your FlexPod environment.

To learn more about the FlexPod Bundle from Blue Medora or to download a free trial today, please visit the True Visibility Suite for VMware vRealize Operations page on Blue Medora’s website.


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