Getting More Out of VMware: Installation and Sizing of vRealize Operations

Getting More Out of VMware: Installation and Sizing of vRealize Operations

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On January 18th, we will be hosting another “Getting More out of VMware” webinar. We will show you how to install and size vRealize Operations. Register here, or read for more details!


This webinar is for the practitioners involved in managing IT infrastructure and virtual environments, who need to be able to plan capacity, maintain the performance, troubleshoot, and otherwise ensure the most efficient operations of their data center.

During this session a VMware Cloud Specialist Engineer will show you how to install and configure vRealize Operations (vROps) to quickly make it functional within your environment. We will begin with a brief review of the vRealize Operations Architecture and its different server configuration options. Next, we will discuss the sizing considerations for your vRealize Operations environment, and go over the configuration planning and execution.

vRealize Operations Manager sizing guidelines

Many of vRealize Operations’ advanced capabilities are due to its continuous collection and analysis of a large amount of data from vSphere, adjacent infrastructure and applications environment. Customers often underestimate the storage requirements of the system to support the amounts of data collected. We will review how to accurately estimate the sizing requirements of your environment and help you avoid many obstacles and leverage best practices.


vRealize Operations sizing


Installation and Configuration

Then the session will move into the installation wizard and configuration. We’ll walk through the installation of the Virtual Appliance explaining the ramifications of the many questions asked. Then we will dig into the policy questions that are asked when connecting to vCenter for the first time. This policy questions can be modified later but it’s a good practice to get close when running through the initial connection.


vRealize Operations sizing

vSphere initial setup policy questions

To wrap things up we will review several items to take into consideration before and during the installation. Hopefully this session will help you successfully install vRealize Operations and bring it into production.

The webinar will conclude with an open live Q&A with our specialists who will be on hand to answer your questions through chat.


Register for this and other upcoming “Getting More out of VMware” webinars here.


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