Empowering Cloud Workers with a Digital Workspace

Empowering Cloud Workers with a Digital Workspace

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Google Cloud Next

Google Cloud Next is this week at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. This conference is three days of innovative cloud technology and passionate success stories. Timed with Next, Google and Forrester released data about a new type of worker that’s becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s enterprises, the Cloud Worker. Cloud Workers are mobile, agile and expect access to all their business-critical information at their fingertips at all time. These workers harness the cloud to collaborate and work from anywhere on any device. According to research by Google, 1 in 4 employees is already a Cloud Worker.

Google Cloud Next

Enabling Cloud Workers with Apps and Resources

At VMware End User Computing, we’re enabling Cloud Workers through our unified digital workspace, VMware Workspace ONE. This intelligence-driven digital workspace is powered by VMware AirWatch technology and unites app management, access management and multi-device management. A digital workspace gives end users access to their work apps and resources regardless of the device they have in their hand, be it mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. We are transforming how people interact with work, making their business days easier and streamlined, even when far away from their physical office (if they even have one).

VMware can also make legacy apps mobile. With VMware Horizon, end users can log-in and access their legacy apps and virtualized desktops with a single click — all while still being anywhere and on any device.

Chrome Enterprise with Workspace ONE

Let’s take cloud-connected Chromebooks as an example. Running on Chrome OS, these devices are built for the cloud and the Cloud Worker. They come in a variety of models, are light-weight and portable, have long battery life and are quick to boot. With Chrome Enterprise, Chromebooks can be managed by Workspace ONE unified endpoint management (UEM), giving IT control over work data. From out of the box, organizations can log-in and enroll devices, which will instantly provision apps, including web, SaaS, native, or virtual, and policies. Policies are granular and can be assigned to devices and users based on many factors such as by user group or device platform. Some examples of policies would be automatically pushing certificate-based Wi-Fi configuration, forcing re-enrollment if the device is wiped, or something as simple as setting up bookmarks. IT has visibility into the Chromebook device fleet in the same console as all other devices in the organization. Workspace ONE also has deep integrations with Android Enterprise for workers with BYOD, corporate-owned or dedicated Android devices. Workspace ONE enables IT to manage all platforms together with a streamlined experience, simplifying processes and lowering TCO. Through the digital workspace, devices are secured and setup for productivity, making both IT and Cloud Workers happy.

You can check this out for yourself by borrowing a Chromebook for the day from the Google Chrome Enterprise’s Grab and Go station at Google Cloud Next. Just pick out your Chromebook and easily log-in to your digital workspace to access all your work apps. No complicated imaging required. All you need is your work username and password to access work apps, like OneNote or Google Drive, to take notes on the sessions you attend here at the conference.

What (Google Cloud) Next?

VMware and Google have integrated technologies to make it easier for you to meet the needs of the growing Cloud Worker population.

If you are at Google Cloud Next, come visit our booth W1529 and learn more about how VMware enables Cloud Workers and makes cloud even easier with consistent infrastructure and operations. We are showcasing Workspace ONE for Chrome OS and Android, Wavefront by VMware for container and Kubernetes analysis and monitoring, and a recently announced Google Cloud plug-in for VMware vRealize Automation and vRealize Orchestrator.


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