Dec 13th: Beyond the Basics – vRealize Operations Advanced and Enterprise Features

Dec 13th: Beyond the Basics – vRealize Operations Advanced and Enterprise Features

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It is hard to argue that vRealize Operations is the best solution for managing your private cloud running on VMware vSphereRegister and attend this free Getting More out of VMware webcast to learn more about how vRealize Operations provides rich and extended visibility and control for customers’ cloud management needs.

vRealize Operations is the domain expert for vSphere performance and capacity monitoring. But that’s only a sample of the full capability you can leverage to manage your Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). With vRealize Operations Advanced and Enterprise editions you get broad, comprehensive coverage and in this session you will learn how.

In this installment of “Getting More out of VMware…” webcast series, you will learn how vRealize Operations provides visibility to VMware SDDC components such as native support for vSAN, integration with vRealize Log Insight and vRealize Business for Cloud and overall SDDC health and availability. For large enterprises, the Federation Management pack brings all vRealize Operations clusters into a single, consolidated view. Also, discover and monitor enterprise applications and services, with relationship dependencies and integration with SRM. We will also cover how you can extend vRealize Operations to other enterprise systems and solutions.

Those attending the session will learn how vRealize Operations helps you in three key areas:

Run your cloud like a business with vRealize Business for Cloud integration.

I have been in your shoes, as a virtual administrator and an IT manager.  “Why is IT so expensive?” or the ever popular “VMs are free, right?” are challenges faced every day by our customers.  Having a conversation with the business can be painful if you are not prepared with facts and figures – mostly dollar figures!  The integration of vRealize Business for Cloud with vRealize Operations is a powerful combination that elevates the conversation from strictly technical to an impactful and honest conversation about IT’s contribution to the bottom line.

Take control of the SDDC with native vSAN monitoring, federated view of global reach, compliance and health of SDDC components.

The Software Defined Datacenter makes sense and you want to jump in with both feet – Software Defined Storage with vSAN and Software Defined Networking with NSX.  But you may be asking, “How can I manage all of the SDDC components to make sure they are healthy, configured properly and available.”  In this session you will see how vRealize Operations make it easy with native vSAN management, federated views for large environments and management content built specifically for the VMware SDDC stack.

360 degree visibility of infrastructure (both physical and virtual), guest operating systems and application stacks.

Here’s the bottom line:  It’s all about the apps!  You get that, but it can be a struggle to manage application SLAs against your SDDC capabilities without a frame of reference that includes both.  With vRealize Operations you can have it all – from physical hardware, to Software Defined X, to the OS and even the database, middleware and application… all in a single view.  Stop the finger pointing and work from the same page.

Register today!

If you are using vRealize Operations Standard edition today, we thank you!  But, you owe it to yourself to understand what capabilities are available in Advanced and Enterprise that build on the foundation and trust you have in vRealize Operations as your vSphere management platform.  Register today!

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