Bring Applications to Market Faster with IT Automation

Bring Applications to Market Faster with IT Automation

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Virtualizing compute resources onto virtual machines transformed the way IT worked. It helped teams deliver services faster, proactively detect and resolve problems, and simplify operations and maintenance.

Now, as end users demand applications and services faster than ever before, it’s time to take the next step: virtualizing the network and adding full automation capabilities.

With a virtualized network, you’re no longer held back by the restraints of physical hardware. You can automate networking and security services to eliminate error-prone manual processes and provision applications and infrastructure more quickly.

The net result? Shorter time to market, which gives your business a distinct competitive edge. Even better, network virtualization and automation provide benefits across the entire application lifecycle. For instance, you can attach automated policies to workloads, which follow them everywhere and keep them secure and consistent, regardless of their location.

Entities like the California Natural Resources Agency (CNRA) are streamlining IT operations with network virtualization and automation. With 33 different organizations to manage and operate, CNRA needed to deliver IT services more efficiently, automate service delivery, provide proactive monitoring, and offer users better visibility into their IT costs.

The combination of VMware vRealize® Suite and VMware NSX® allows CNRA to accelerate time to market for its different organizations, as well as improve reliability of the services delivered and lower costs. Their IT team now can dynamically configure network and security policies to meet the unique needs of each business with the appropriate level of governance.

VMware enables IT automation with VMware vRealize Suite and VMware NSX, to help you virtualize, automate, and streamline operations and see results like:

  • Fewer provisioning bottlenecks
  • More standardized, secure workloads
  • Fewer manual tasks across the entire application lifecycle

Learn more about IT Automation with VMware.

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