Available Today: iOS 11.3 Beta

Available Today: iOS 11.3 Beta

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Every spring Apple comes out with a new iOS release that brings more functionality and improvements to iOS devices for the enterprise and for the education industry. Apple recently released the beta for iOS 11.3, which includes enhancements for your iOS deployments.

Keep reading for more about what’s new with iOS 11.3 for businesses and how you can beta test this version for your organization.

Top iOS 11.3 Features & Enhancements for Business

  • Managed Software Updates: This is one feature in iOS 11.3 we are very excited about. With iOS 11.3, administrators are able to suppress the iOS update notification on supervised, iOS devices. This gives administrators more time to test compatibility of their apps and devices with the latest operating system (OS) before users start upgrading their devices. The default delay for updates is 30 days, but administrators have the ability to increase the deferral up to 90 days.
  • Specific Version for iOS Updates: Previously, devices receiving the command to force an OS update were required to download and install the latest available iOS version supported by the hardware. With the latest release, the ability to force an OS update can now specify an iOS version for the device to install, provided it is higher than the device’s current iOS version and compatible with the device model.
  • USB Restricted Mode: When users connect a macOS device or other USB accessory to an iOS device via lightning connector, the user must enter the device passcode to maintain communication. This can happen at least once per week, while the device remains connected. The new restriction will enable an IT administrator to no longer require the user to ever enter a device passcode to maintain communication to a USB-connected device.
  • Enable/Disable Bluetooth: Devices that do not have Bluetooth settings restricted will now have the capability of having their current Bluetooth settings toggled on/off through device management commands. Disabling Bluetooth settings on a device should cause the device to disconnect from its actively paired devices.

We encourage your organization to beta test the latest version on test devices to ensure compatibility with your business-critical apps before the update is generally available. You can sign up for the Apple Beta Software Program online and find more information on the iOS 11.3 beta.

Existing customers should check out myAirWatch for updates, known issues and more as we prepare for the release of iOS 11.3.

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