Announcing vSphere Upgrade on vSphere Central

Announcing vSphere Upgrade on vSphere Central

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vSphere Central has always been a great resource to find content, but it has previously been grouped by product such as vCenter Server, Security, ESXi and Virtual Machine, and other categories.

When trying to share content on vSphere Upgrade it overlaps all of these categories. We have created a new consolidated vSphere Upgrade section that will walk you through your upgrade. We cover the following content.

  • Pre-Upgrade Considerations
  • Platform Services / vCenter Server Upgrade
  • ESXi Host Upgrade
  • VMware Tools and VM Compatibility Upgrade
  • VMFS Upgrade
  • Virtual Distributed Switch Upgrade
  • Post-Upgrade Considerations


This is a great way to find content specific to each part of the vSphere Upgrade Process. Not only can you view it easily, but you can Export the content to PDF. See the image below for details on the new section.



You can find the new vSphere Upgrade section on vSphere Central here.

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