Android Series: Security

Android Series: Security

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In this episode, I sit down with Mike Burr, Android Enterprise Platform Specialist at Google, to discuss challenges IT is seeing today and the solutions that Android Enterprise has in place to keep devices secure.

There are many concerns in today’s world around security.  With employees working outside their office perimeter and even using their personal phones for work, how can organizations know they aren’t opening up business data to potential attacks?

Google has solutions in place to make sure that devices are protected and up to date.  Android Enterprise has inherent security to eliminate vulnerabilities.  To name a new: Google releases monthly over-the-air updates to fix any potential vulnerabilities in the operating system, Google Play Protect scans billions of apps every day, and security is enabled at the hardware level with sandboxing and encryption.  Pair the protection brought by Google with Workspace ONE UEM, a robust solution can be put in place to enable security.

Android Enterprise offers management APIs for Workspace ONE UEM to configure and manage devices.  With Workspace ONE UEM, organizations can make the most of the Android Enterprise modes: work profile for BYOD, fully managed for corporate-owned devices and work profile on a fully managed device for corporate-owned, personally enabled uses.

On personal devices, there is very strong data separation between personal and work with the work profile using the OS and the Kernel.  The work and personal data is completely separate in all aspects where IT can only see and manage the work apps and data, and the users personal profile remains private and unseen by the IT admins.  Through Workspace ONE UEM, admins can configure additional security measures like requiring an app-level passcode to open work apps and prevent users from copying and pasting data from work to personal apps.

Admins have even more control on corporate-owned, fully managed devices.  Measures can be put in place like preventing users from adding their personal account to the device, restricting what apps can be installed and making sure that apps are only installed from the Google Play Store.  Admins can set compliance policies on devices to revoke access to corporate data if the device is compromised. SafetyNet Attestation is supported by Workspace ONE UEM to validate the integrity of the device to ensure it is not compromised.

View this Android Series video to learn more about Android security from an expert from Google.  And to get our latest product updates, visit My Workspace ONE.


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