4 Reasons vForum Online Fall 2017 Is the Place to Be for Anyone Wanting to Automate IT

4 Reasons vForum Online Fall 2017 Is the Place to Be for Anyone Wanting to Automate IT

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4 Reasons vForum Online Fall 2017 Is the Place to Be for Anyone Wanting to Automate IT


As the demands of business continue to put pressure on IT to operate more efficiently and provide faster delivery of applications, infrastructure, and services, automation becomes paramount. If you work in IT, this won’t come as a surprise. But as you look at all the places where automation is needed — from configuring, deploying, and decommissioning infrastructures and applications to provisioning services for storage, networking, and security — you might be asking yourself: “Where do I begin?”


Our suggestion? Begin at vForum Online Fall 2017 on October 18th with the Modernize Data Centers track.


vForum Online is our largest virtual IT conference. During this half-day event, you have the opportunity to hear from experts, get answers to pressing questions, and gain practical experience with cutting-edge tools designed to help you use automation for IT configuration and provisioning processes. The best part? It’s free. The second best part? You get to attend from the comfort and convenience of your own desk.


In case those aren’t enough reasons for you to attend this must-not-miss event, here are four additional ones:


1.     Discover How to Operationalize Your World

Curious how you can increase efficiency in virtualized and multicloud environments? Or just looking for tips on how you can ensure that you meet service-level agreements (SLAs) for your business?

That’s what VMware experts will be addressing during our interactive breakout session “Operationalize Your World with vRealize Operations 6.6.” Participants will learn how to optimize capacity, right-size virtual machines, and analyze risk potential to maximize performance and uptime. This session will also cover how to monitor performance with 360-degree troubleshooting, set up dashboards around availability, configuration, performance, and capacity, and use VMware vRealize® OperationsTM 6.6 as part of a software-defined data center that reduces operational expenditures while making the business more agile.


2.     Get More Out of vRealize Automation

If you’re already using vRealize® AutomationTM, then you know how beneficial this product is. But you might not be aware of all the benefits you gain with the latest release, vRealize Automation 7.3. That’s what we’ll cover during theGetting More Out of vRealize Automation: Using the latest features of vRealize Automation 7.3” breakout session.

In this session, you’ll get an overview of new features, including parameterized blueprints, container management, configuration automation management, enhancements to the VMware NSX® integration, and intelligent workload placement.


3.     Ask the Experts

If the breakout sessions leave you with questions or you just want a deeper dive into the world of IT automation, our “Chat with Experts” sessions are the place to go. During these chats, VMware pros will join the conference live over video to share their knowledge, discuss issues, and answer all your most pressing questions about automation, cloud management, and more.


4.     Gain Practical Experience

Attending talks and asking questions are great vehicles for learning, but certain insights can be gained only through live, practical experience. That’s why vForum Online always includes hands-on labs. And at vForum Online Fall 2017, we’ll be presenting a  new lab targeted at automation: “Automate IT — Make Private Cloud Easy.” During this lab, participants will get tips and guidance as they practice using automation to improve the configuration and reliability and accelerate delivery of multi-tier applications in real time.


vForum Online is just a few weeks away! If you haven’t signed up for this exciting event, now’s the time. Register here to reserve your spot. We hope to see you there.


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