Release: VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.2

VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.2 Release Notes | 28 Jan 2016 | Build 3445568 What's New? vRealize Operations Manager 6.2 is the latest release of the VMware integrated vRealize Operations Suite. Updates cover all major areas of the product including installation, configuration, licensing, alerting, dashboards, reports, and policies. This release introduces the following enhancements. Enhanced Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) Integration vRealize Operations now offers enhanced integration Read more [...]

Release: VMware vRealize Automation 7 and VMware vRealize Business Standard 7

Last week VMware finally completed the first major update of VMware vRealize Suite, its well known cloud management solution, releasing in GA both vRealize Automation 7 and vRealize Business Standard 7. vRealize Suite has always been accused to be VMware-centric only, and these new releases, including VMware vRealize Operations 6.1 and VMware vRealize Log Insight 3, don’t bring any particular change to this behaviour. In fact Amazon AWS remains the only major Infrastructure as a Service Read more [...]

RELEASE: ESXi 5.5 UPDATE3 “Snapshot Bug” Patch (Build 3116895)

VMware released a patch for ESXi 5.5U3: Product: VMware ESXi 5.5 Release date: October 6, 2015 Patch: ESXi550-201510001 Build: 3116895 Links: KB2133824 | Download The patch resolves the Snapshots Bug in ESXi 5.5 UPDATE 3 that has been documented by VMware in KB: KB2133118 The ESXi Installable has also been replaced with ESXi 5.5 Update 3a (ESXi 5.5 Update 3 is gone): VMware ESXi 5.5.0 Update 3a [Release Notes] [Download] Read more [...]

Release: VMware Workstation 12 Pro, Player 12, Fusion 8 and Fusion Pro 8

VMware today released version 12 of its type-2 client hypervisor products for Microsoft Windows: Workstation Pro and Player and version 8 of its client hypervisor products for Mac OSX: Fusion. All products mainly add support for running Windows 10. Player (formerly Player Pro) is able to run VM’s only and can be used for personal use in an unlicensed way or licensed when used for business commercial use. Workstation provides the full functionality of the product. (see this page for a comparison Read more [...]

Release: VMware Mirage 5.1

VMware has released version 5.1 of its centralized image management for Windows desktops: Mirage. VMware Mirage is also part of the Horizon Suite, VMware’s end user computing suite that includes View, the company’s VDI product. The main new features introduced in this release can be resumed as follows: Bandwidth Control – Managing desktops and PCs across many remote branch sites is difficult. With that in mind, Mirage was designed to help IT manage devices across distributed environments. Read more [...]

Release: VMware ESXi and vCenter Server 5.5 Update 2

Last week VMware released version 5.5 Update 2 of two of its flagship products, ESXi and vCenter Server, updates that were announced at VMworld 2014 in San Francisco. Among the things to consider updating to this release we noticed that thevSphere Web Client, based on Adobe Flash, no longer supports Linux OSes (because the lack of support from Flash itself), Windows XP and Windows Vista and that vCenter Serverremoves the support for IBM DB2 as the vCenter Server database. VMware ESXi 5.5 Update Read more [...]

Release: VMware Fusion 7

Following the technology preview announced in May VMware has released version 7 of its desktop virtualization platform for OS X: Fusion. This new release, that comes in the normal and Pro flavours, introduces the extended support for OS X 10.10 Yosemite that will be released this fall, in order to natively leverage all its new features alongside with an all new set of optimizations for the last generation of Macs computer. Among the new features introduced from this release we can list: Advanced Read more [...]

Release: VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.8 and vSphere Data Protection 5.8

Among the announcements made today at the VMworld 2014 in San Francisco, there are two new releases. VMware disclosed the delivery of new version of its Disaster Recovery and Backup products: VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.8 and vSphere Data Protection 5.8. VMware vCentre Site Recovery Manager (SRM) 5.8 aims to deliver next-generation disaster recovery capabilities for vSphere environments. The main highlights of this new release are: 5x the scale of protection – IT organizations can set up Read more [...]

Release: VMware NSX 6.1

Today at VMworld 2014 VMware showcased version 6.1 of its network virtualization platform: NSX. Launched last year at VMworld 2013 NSX is the result of Nicira acquisition and now VMware is talking about multi-hypervisor support and OpenStack Integration. The key new features of NSX 6.1 can be resumed as follows: DHCP Relay: It’s now possibile to define several DHCP servers configured per logical router ports and to integrate external DHCP servers in the physical world with the same logic. Two Read more [...]

Release: VMware Horizon View 6.0

In April this year, VMware announced version 6 of its end user computing suite: Horizon. Yesterday VMware View, the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and now also the Remote Desktop Services was quietly released by VMware. Starting with this version VMware not only provides a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution based on View, but now also provides a Server Based Computing (SBC) solution leveraging Remote Desktop Services (RDS) from Microsoft. With the addition of SBC, VMware is now capable Read more [...]