Teradici Firmware Version 4 and Certificates

After upgrading to VMware View Version 5.1 it has become apparent that certificate configurations are a huge part of getting the environment functioning at all. The VIEW Installation guides are good resources just read carefully. This post is relative to the teradici thin clients like the Wyse P20's or Samsun All in One monitors. I have seen a lot of posts in the communities on this certificate topic and what certificates are required to be stored on the Teradici based devices. First we need to Read more [...]

VMware shows View 5.1 performance improvements

In this post, published on May 18 in VROOM! Blog, the VMware’s Performance Team presented some of the most significant enhancements and optimizations brought to Teradici‘s PCoIP protocol in the release 5.1 of VMware View. The post touches 4 main points: PCoIP Efficiency: The Team claims to have achieved, through compression protocols refinements and general performances optimization, up to 1.3X reduction in PCoIP overheads. Client Optimizations: Even in this case the Team talks about Read more [...]