VDI Becomes A Reality for Hospitals

There are two things I normally notice when I visit the doctor – 1) a massive stack of paper medical records and 2) long visit times… The need… I’ve always been huge fan of adopting and evolving the IT services utilized in the medical industry.  Here we have an industry who is pushing the forefront of technology for the analysis and treatment of patients – but plagued by archaic IT and paper based records. In comes the consumerization effect… The Consumerization of IT has been a Read more [...]

NetApp has now introduced its VMware AlwaysOn Point of Care™ reference architecture built for healthcare

How will this improve patient care? VMware® AlwaysOn Point of Care™ architecture helps solve customers’ problems by providing ready access to patient information from any terminal or mobile device. This allows clinicians to make informed decisions regarding treatment plans while protecting the confidentiality of patient information. Providing access to clinical applications in a virtual environment, healthcare providers maintain continued access to their desktop as they move from patient Read more [...]