vSphere HTML5 Web Client Fling – Getting Started

VMware announced the first step towards making a HTML5 Web Client a reality, the vSphere HTML5 Web Client Fling. This first release of the Fling will focus primarily on VM management, with more updates coming.  Here is a list of the features and operations available in this first release: VM power operations VM Edit Settings (simple CPU, Memory, Disk changes) VM Console VM and Host Summary pages VM Migration (only to a Host) Clone to Template/ VM Create VM on a Host (limited) Additional Read more [...]

Release: VMware Labs Guest Reclaim fling

On 1st of July VMware Labs released Guest Reclaim a tool intended for virtualized guests with NTFS filesystems (supported OSes are XP onwards up to Windows 7 for clients and servers until Windows 2008). Basically Guest Reclaim reclaims dead space from volumes hosted on a thin provisioned SCSI disk. Features Reclaim space from Simple FAT/NTFS volumes Works on WindowsXP to Windows7 Can reclaim space from flat partitions and flat disks Can work in virtual as well as physical machines Read more [...]