VMware announces Q2 2013 earnings

On July 23 VMware announced its financial results for the second quarter of 2013. Total revenue for the Q2 was $1.24 billion, with an increase of 11% compared to Q2 2012. Looking at the financials we can see how the annual 2013 revenue should be be of about $5.12 to 5.26 billion, and license revenues are expected to be $2.21 to 2.29 billion. Excluding revenues attributable to GoPivotal and all divestitures that occurred in 2013, this represents growth rates of 15% to 18% for total revenues and Read more [...]

VMware results for Q1 2013

On April 23, VMware released the results about its growth for Q1 2013. VMware, announced a total  revenue growth of $1.19 billion, for an increase of 13 percent compared to Q1 2012. Operating Margin registered a decrease of 26%, as reported in the official news, reflecting a $63 million realignment charge. The non-GAAP Operating Margin registered an increment of 26% from Q1 2012. The stock market over-reacted to the results and several analysts downgraded VMware rating from Market Perform to  Underperform consequently Read more [...]