Solution: VMware View 5.1 Security Server – Server´s certificate cannot be checked

I think, I´m not alone with certificate problems after upgrading to View 5.1. Since View 5.1, VMware moves all certs from the JAVA Keystore (JKS) in the Windows Keystore. And some customers may got problems after upgrading if they are using an external signed certificate (like me)... In my case, all my Security Servers was shown up red in the View Administrator Dashboard. And I´ve seen the following error message: So what can we do to get these the Security Servers "green"... A small workaround Read more [...]

VMware View 5.1 and SSL Certificate Replacement

The procedure to replace SSL certificates has changed in recently released VMware View 5.1 and differs from 5.0 or earlier versions. The main difference is that native Windows certificate store is used. Also it is now necessary to replace or at least to verify self signed certificates otherwise the View infrastructure will not work properly. Which servers need to replace the certificates? View Connection Managers, Security servers and View Composer. Also vCenter certificate must be replaced or validated. Although Read more [...]