Release: VMware vSphere 6.5 & Virtual SAN 6.5

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2016 edition of VMworld US has been quite turbulent, on the other hand during VMworld Europe, happening these days in Barcelona, the company announced a few more products for the joy of its loyal audience.

vSphere 6.5 announced yesterday, for instance, is a release focused on addressing three main challenges: simplify the user experience, integrate security capabilities and support traditional and new generation applications side by side.

To do that this dotted release introduces:

  • A newly optimised vCenter Server Appliance, with a fully integrated vSphere Update Managerfile-based backup and recoverynative VCSA high availability and a brand new HTML5-based vSphere Client plus a set of REST-based APIs for VM Management. To speedup the migration from “traditional” Windows deployments VMware also provide a brand new vCenter Server Appliance Migration tool.
  • A series of security features such: VM-level disk encryption, encrypted vMotion, secure boot model for both the hypervisor and the guest operating system and enhanced audit-quality logging capabilities that collect more information about user actions.
  • vSphere Integrated Containers now shipped with vSphere bundles.

Alongside vSphere VMware also announced Virtual SAN 6.5, the new dotted release of its software-defined storage offering that enables pooling of storage capabilities within exsisting servers.
Key new features are:

  • Virtual SAN iSCSI Service
  • 2-Node Direct Connect
    • Witness Traffic Separation for ROBO
  • 512e drive support

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