Brian Madden: “I was wrong about how VMware View 5.1’s new Storage Accelerator works. It’s way cooler than I thought!”

A very interesting post of Brian Madden about "VMware View Storage Accelerator": Last week VMware announced View 5.1. One of the major new features is this thing called "View Storage Accelerator," or "VSA." In my article about View 5.1, I wrote that I wasn't particularly excited about VSA. It turns out I didn't fully understand how it worked. If you're not familiar with VSA, it's the productized implementation of a feature of vSphere 5 called "Content-Based Read Cache." When enabled, the vSphere Read more [...]

VMware shows View 5.1 performance improvements

In this post, published on May 18 in VROOM! Blog, the VMware’s Performance Team presented some of the most significant enhancements and optimizations brought to Teradici‘s PCoIP protocol in the release 5.1 of VMware View. The post touches 4 main points: PCoIP Efficiency: The Team claims to have achieved, through compression protocols refinements and general performances optimization, up to 1.3X reduction in PCoIP overheads. Client Optimizations: Even in this case the Team talks about Read more [...]

VMware View 5.1 and SSL Certificate Replacement

The procedure to replace SSL certificates has changed in recently released VMware View 5.1 and differs from 5.0 or earlier versions. The main difference is that native Windows certificate store is used. Also it is now necessary to replace or at least to verify self signed certificates otherwise the View infrastructure will not work properly. Which servers need to replace the certificates? View Connection Managers, Security servers and View Composer. Also vCenter certificate must be replaced or validated. Although Read more [...]

Paper: VMware vSphere Metro Storage Cluster Case Study

VMware published a paper focused on VMware vMSC (vSphere Metro Storage Cluster), a new configuration within the VMware Hardware Compatibility List intended for environments where disaster/downtime avoidance is a key requirement. vMSC infrastructures are implemented with the goal of bringing the same benefits of high-availability clusters in local sites, but in a geographically distributed model with two data centers in different locations. The document, written for a technical audience, describes Read more [...]

What’s New with USB Redirection in VMware View 5.1?

By Tina de Benedictis, Technical Marketing Manager, Enterprise Desktop, End User Computing, VMware Who would have thought that configuring USB devices for redirection to VMware View desktops could be fun? VMware View 5.1 provides a new group policies administrative interface for configuring USB device splitting and filtering. Now it is as satisfying as solving a simple logic puzzle when you configure a USB device for redirection. Why is it fun? Who doesn’t enjoy learning a few logic rules and Read more [...]