Cloud Management Best Practices with eWeek

Cloud Management Best Practices with eWeek

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A few weeks ago, Mahesh Kumar, the Sr. Director of Product Marketing at the Cloud Management Business Unit of VMware, set down with eWeek to share his views of the Cloud Management best practices. The interview was focused on the current and near-future issues that organizations face when going through digital transformation. In particular, eWeek had asked Mahesh to focus on the multitude of issues around people-process-technology transformation, as seen from the prospective of adopting multiple clouds, deploying hybrid applications, adopting new infrastructure constructs like containers, etc.

Cloud Management Best Practices

While the goals of adopting cloud strategies are very ambitious, and the expected benefits are profound, there are many decisions that enterprises need to make on their cloud journey. Mahesh highlights a number of best practices we have observed in real-world customer environments, that have proven to work. These practices span across broad range of cloud management, and are often not easy to identify quickly to avoid a number of costly mistakes. For example, the questions customers need to answer for themselves in the beginning and at different phases of the journey, are:

  • Where do you begin when it comes to monitoring your cloud environments?
  • What should you automate, and when, and what benefits should you expect?
  • What value does log analysis deliver?
  • How do containers and microservices play into an enterprises’ cloud management strategy, and how do you bring them into the overall cloud management framework?

Mahesh dives deep into a number of specific situations and use cases that we see in customers’ environments. Overall, the article provides good advice and guidance on many cloud management issues. While the views provided are not limited by VMware’s specific solutions and technologies, and go beyond of a single vendor, the overall opinion reflects on the VMware’s vision and strategy for cloud management platforms (CMP) in particular, and the broader cloud issues in general. I highly recommend you reading the article at the Business Week’s site and leveraging its conclusions in your own environment.


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