VMware announces vRealize Log Insight 3.3

Log Insight is a log aggregation, management and analisys tool, that VMware first introduced in 2013 and now is fiercely competing against Splunk. Today the company announced Log Insight 3.3 that will be released shortly. Among the new capabilities you can find: Multiple VIPs with Tags that now allow to tag incoming traffic Webhooks sent by both system and user alerts Enhanced vSphere Integration which mainly covers new tagging capabilities for vCenter Servers and ESXi hosts Additional OVF Read more [...]

VMware Horizon 7: Your High Performance, Ultra-Secure, Throwaway Laptop Is Waiting For You

By Tony Paikeday, senior product line manager, End-User Computing, VMware Don’t you love it when your brand new laptop finally arrives – pristine, unspoiled by corrupted registry, malware, or app bloat.  It just hums along perfectly, lightning fast, super responsive, snappy graphics.  All your apps are there, everything customized just the way you like it.  You’re in that state of computing bliss, silently judging your peers with their old clunky machines, staring at an hourglass. Fast Read more [...]

Release: VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.2

VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.2 Release Notes | 28 Jan 2016 | Build 3445568 What's New? vRealize Operations Manager 6.2 is the latest release of the VMware integrated vRealize Operations Suite. Updates cover all major areas of the product including installation, configuration, licensing, alerting, dashboards, reports, and policies. This release introduces the following enhancements. Enhanced Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) Integration vRealize Operations now offers enhanced integration Read more [...]

New paper on Virtualizing SAP on vSphere on All Flash Storage

SAP HANA is the preferred database for all future SAP applications. Columnar databases and the in memory capabilities of SAP HANA make it an excellent platform for all SAP applications. Virtualized SAP HANA (SAP HANA) provides significant advantages over Physical HANA implementations by providing flexibility and agility in operating a HANA environment SAP HANA environments have a large memory footprint with the majority of data in memory. The changes to the memory are constantly being replicated Read more [...]

Release: VMware vRealize Automation 7 and VMware vRealize Business Standard 7

Last week VMware finally completed the first major update of VMware vRealize Suite, its well known cloud management solution, releasing in GA both vRealize Automation 7 and vRealize Business Standard 7. vRealize Suite has always been accused to be VMware-centric only, and these new releases, including VMware vRealize Operations 6.1 and VMware vRealize Log Insight 3, don’t bring any particular change to this behaviour. In fact Amazon AWS remains the only major Infrastructure as a Service Read more [...]

VMware announcements from its annual VMworld US conference

During its annual VMworld conference held between August 30 and September 3 in San Fransicso VMware made several announcements. During the keynote on Monday several data center related announcements and on Tuesday announcements related to the topic End User Computing were made. This posts summarizes the announcements, providing links to more information where applicable. The datacenter related announcements are: VMware EVO SDDC VMware EVO SDDC is the new name for what was initially EVO:RAIL or Read more [...]

Release: VMware Workstation 12 Pro, Player 12, Fusion 8 and Fusion Pro 8

VMware today released version 12 of its type-2 client hypervisor products for Microsoft Windows: Workstation Pro and Player and version 8 of its client hypervisor products for Mac OSX: Fusion. All products mainly add support for running Windows 10. Player (formerly Player Pro) is able to run VM’s only and can be used for personal use in an unlicensed way or licensed when used for business commercial use. Workstation provides the full functionality of the product. (see this page for a comparison Read more [...]

VMware announces Workstation 11 and Player 7 Pro

VMware announced the release of its type-2 client hypervisor product Workstation (version 11) and Player Pro (version 7). VMware expects to release both products in December this year. Starting with these versions VMware will require users to run the products on 64 bit Operating Systems, abandoning the 32 bit platform Included in the Workstation 11 update: Ready for the Windows 10 Technical Preview Support for the latest Intel 64-bit x86 processors, including Haswell. Support for VMs with up Read more [...]

Release: VMware Mirage 5.1

VMware has released version 5.1 of its centralized image management for Windows desktops: Mirage. VMware Mirage is also part of the Horizon Suite, VMware’s end user computing suite that includes View, the company’s VDI product. The main new features introduced in this release can be resumed as follows: Bandwidth Control – Managing desktops and PCs across many remote branch sites is difficult. With that in mind, Mirage was designed to help IT manage devices across distributed environments. Read more [...]

Release: VMware ESXi and vCenter Server 5.5 Update 2

Last week VMware released version 5.5 Update 2 of two of its flagship products, ESXi and vCenter Server, updates that were announced at VMworld 2014 in San Francisco. Among the things to consider updating to this release we noticed that thevSphere Web Client, based on Adobe Flash, no longer supports Linux OSes (because the lack of support from Flash itself), Windows XP and Windows Vista and that vCenter Serverremoves the support for IBM DB2 as the vCenter Server database. VMware ESXi 5.5 Update Read more [...]